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The MULTIFLEX systems is designed for large landbased grow out facilities where high energy effeciency is one of the key factors for succesfull breeding of salmons.


By use of specially designed TITANIUM heat exchangers in combination with state of  the art ammonia screw compressor technlogy the systems acchieves the best possible energy effienciy and low cost of maintainance.


With the MULTIFLEX system the energy is transfered within the RSA facility between each single bassin, depending on individual temperature demands from each single part of the facility.


By use of the MULTIFLEX system, consumption of energy and external rescourses is kept at an aboloute minimum.


  • Capacity range 300 to xx.000 kW
  • Process Temperature span : +4°C to +20 °C
  • Minimum recovery ressource temperature : +2°C
  • Main Purposes : RAS Grow out facility including : Fry, Presmolt, Smolt, Grow Out
  • System heating COP > 7,0
  • System avaliable with Diesel driven compressors for remote facilities