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FRIGOR-THERM AQUA TITAN EXCHANGE range is designed for RAS systems with all fases of breeding, from hatchery to grow out. The EXCHANGE range of heat pumps is specially made for miminizing the use of ressources and energy. The systems are exchanging the energy inside the RAS facility from different parts of the system. This is minimizing the use of recovery media such as ground water, river water or seawater. Example of function :   Heating demand in Fry system & Cooling demand in Smolt system. The EXCHANGE system will then transfer the energy from cooling of the Smolt system through the FRIGOR-THERM heat pump, into heating of the Fry system.   The transfer of energy is made without using external rescources and saving costs herefor.

  • Capacity range 45-2500 kW
  • Process Temperature span : +2°C to +20 °C
  • Minimum recovery ressource temperature : +2°C
  • Main Purposes : Complete RAS facilities including : Hatchery, Fry, Presmolt, Smolt, Grow Out