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Heat Pumps are the most energy efficient and CO2 reductive heating source for year arround heating of our houses, commercial and industrial facilities know today. The Heat pump system is functioning by using renewable sources such as solar energy, ground sources, ground water, sea water, outside air and waste energy from either production or waste water, the possibilities are un imaginable…. FRIGORTEK Cooling Systems produces different types of heat pump solutions for domestic, comercial and industrial use, from the smallest air-air systems to big solutions for heating commercial and industrial bulidings hotels etc. Very often is our big solutions combined with cooling and heat recovery from server rooms, ventilation system etc. FRIGORTEK Cooling Systems produces heat pumps for :

  • Houses
  • Office buildings.
  • Commercial facilities.
  • Ventilation systems.
  • Hotels.
  • Helthcare sector.
  • Power Plants and energy supply.
  • Agri Culture

Energy example : House of app. 200 m2 Heating Demand app. :  10 kW Renewable rescource ( Air, ground, sun or water) is avaliable for the heat pump, The demand og the heat pump is calculated to 7,5 kW Energy supply ( electric power supply to the compressor )  2,5 kW Heating capacity output  10 kW Effect factor COP = 10 kW / 2,5 kW = 4  Which means for every kW put into the unit, the unit delivers an output of 4 kW The effiency factor is variating from one energy source to another, and is also depending on which sets of temperature the heat pump must work with.